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Weekly HUG #0035: Join HUG Studios Class of 2023!

At HUG, we believe curation is the future of the creator economy. That's why we've curated the most important news and updates on what we're doing, building, and perfecting just for you!

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🎓Applications to HUG Studios are live🎓

What is HUG Studios?

HUG Studios is the only Web3 educational program for creators, by creators. In the past year alone, we have worked with over 1,000 creators across art, music, theater, and entrepreneurship. At HUG Studios, we offer three different programs to meet you where you're at and grant access to the leading creative minds in Web3 to level up yourself for long-term success.

We currently have three programs:
  • groupHUG, a hands-on advisory program for Web3 businesses • learn more

  • hedgeHUG, cohort-based program for pre-mint NFT projects • learn more

  • airHUG, a sponsored artist-in-residence program for up-and-coming artists of any medium • learn more

Program Benefits:

✦ Level up with a rigorous curriculum✦ Curated Professional Relationships✦ PR & Marketing✦ Tools & Resources✦ Tech & Product Consulting✦ 1:1 Advising✦Ongoing & Unlimited Alumni PerksApply by January 24 to join our next cohort from February 15 through May 15.

HUG Studios is here to uplift, embrace, & empower creators.

Apply today for the opportunity to become one of them. 

👑Claim Your Weekly Creator Royalties👑

Our new newsletter, Creator Royalties, is the go-to resource for creators. There are countless Web3 media subscriptions circulating crucial but similar content on current events, market analytics, and pop culture plug-and-play memes. 

At HUG, our focus is centered on uplifting and embracing creators. That's why every week, you can count on Creator Royalties for support and education on the latest tools, tips, tech, and emergent creators in the ecosystem. 

This week? We're all in on open editions— what are they and are they for you? We hosted a Spaces event  with Sara Baumann of Women and Weapons and Process Grey of Truth Labs, Goblintown. The two artists shared their perspectives on open editions as mechanisms for both consumer accessibility and creative play.

Speaking of Open Editions...

"New Beginning" by Mariana Blatnik

Mariana of Mari Inks Arts is the January recipient of the Meta Angels x Adobe artist-in-residence scholarship. Mariana's creative practice is experimental in nature, exhibited by this work's blend of manipulating the new medium of alcohol inks alongside generative AI technology. Mint on Manifold.

📢Calling All Web3 Artists📢

We are conducting an artist survey to see how not just HUG, but the ecosystem at large, can better serve you and your needs. Early feedback from those who completed the survey states they learned about themselves along the way. 

The survey takes most users about 5 minutes to complete.Alpha? Those who finish will have the option to win a $100 gift card. 

Exchange HUG Points for Art 

Did you know you can claim this piece and other works for 0Ξ? Earn HUG Points by leaving reviews for artists on HUG, then exchange them for NFTs✨Our next on-platform art claim comes from ethereal illustrator, aestrild.

STAXX Galaxy Expands Their Universe

STAXX Invaders is a collection inspired by sc-fi and 80's nostalgia arcades games, and forever member of our HUGfam. They recently gifted limited edition artwork STAXX Awaken to their collectors as a token of appreciation. This artwork marks a point in time and signals the next phase of art and blockchain developments for STAXX as they embark on the future evolution and activation of their brand.

Sunday Spotlight with Avril15

Every Sunday, Avril15 and HUG will be promoting up-and-coming artists on our social networks. Artists who apply for a Sunday Spotlight feature also earn the opportunity to join our discovery platform at HUG and a newsletter feature.

💡 Read more about how you can benefit from our partnership here.📝 Apply to Avril15’s Sunday Spotlight here.

The Sunday Spotlight artists for the week of 1/8 are:@HollyPollyArt • @vergeart • @isab3lll1 • @VirtualIluvatar • @thehippoinvader @ghost_of_inari • @PloverCreations • @gacruzing • @dobrota_nft • @joelledoesart

🚨Last, but not least: ALPHA ALERT🚨

Click here to set your reminders now! We're going live on Monday with Twitter Spaces for an exciting edition of HUG Alpha Alert with Randi Z, Debbie, and some of our most hugworthy digital creators. They say bear markets are for building, and we can't wait for everyone to see what we've made for you.

We're here for a HUG if you ever need one 🤗