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  • Weekly HUG #0033: Bringing Art Home for the HUGlidays

Weekly HUG #0033: Bringing Art Home for the HUGlidays

Creativity has the wonderful ability to bring people together and to create connections that transcend language, culture, and geography. When we engage with art, whether as creators or collectors, we are participating in a shared human experience that has the power to inspire, to uplift, and to bring joy into our lives.

At HUG, we hope we're injecting even just a little bit of that vital creativity and subsequent joy into your own life.

Bring Art Home for the HUGlidays

Happy HUGlidays! Huggers are actively exchanging HUG Points they've earned from leaving on-platform reviews for art they love. Don't let FOMO get the best of you, the HUGliday Points Redemption will be open through January. There's plenty of time to leave reviews and earn HUG Points of your own💎

Have you won an art claim raffle? Please tag us on Twitter, because reading your responses gives us the warm and fuzzies. Keep it comin'🥰

The Inclusiverse Heads to Space, Literally

HUG is teaming up with @DreamboundIO and @InfinityLabsNFT to send a digital artifact on their payload to the International Space Station where it will orbit over 100,000 miles around the earth and be beamed to the stars💫

The choice was clear— we elected to send Eislyn's illustration of "The Inclusiverse" to showcase the diversity and joyful nature of HUG's community. The Inclusiverse is HUG's vision of a universe where everyone is welcomed with open arms— it only seems fitting that it takes its place amongst the stars!

InstaService Brings Aid to Ukraine

InstaService is a state-of-the-art decentralized ecosystem utilizing sophisticated Talk2Earn and webRTC technologies to connect users and experts, allowing them to earn money for their knowledge and experience.

Our Director of Creative Programming, Michael Littig, hosted InstaService in conversation to talk about their latest initiative, which seeks to provide mental health services to Ukrainians in need. They were joined by tech entrepreneur and displaced Ukranian, Andrii Taganskyi, who shared his chilling experience with the war and expressed the need for the aide InstaService seeks to provide 🇺🇦

InstaService are the winners of the Innovate Moldova Hackathon, earning a scholarship to our HUG Studios' hedgeHUG advisory program.

Stardust Society Celebrates Sherbert's Birthday

One year ago today, Stardust Society brought their first Dreamer to the blockchain, the rainbow-haired Sherbert. They’re celebrating this special occasion by setting up the dreamiest phygital shop filled with out-of-this-world merchandise! Everyone’s invited to explore their stellar offerings such as clothing, jewelry, home goods, and more.

Stardust Society is the 77-piece genesis series from the artist, c0c0. Her second collection, Stardust Generation, is a generative collection of 7777 Dreamers. c0c0’s vision of the Stardust Universe illustrates self-expression, giving dreamers a space to feel free to explore their most authentic selves.

Follow Stardust Society on Twitter & Instagram

Sunday Spotlight with Avril15

Every Sunday, Avril15 and HUG will be promoting up-and-coming artists on our social networks. Artists who apply for a Sunday Spotlight feature also earn the opportunity to join our discovery platform at thehug.xyz and a newsletter feature.

💡 Read more about how you can benefit from our partnership here.

📝 Apply to Avril15’s Sunday Spotlight here.

The Sunday Spotlight artists for the week of 12/11 are:

We invite you to follow, share, support, and explore their creations!