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Weekly HUG #0036: Claim Your HUG Artist Profile

At HUG, we believe curation is the future of the creator economy. That's why we've curated the most important news and updates on what we're doing, building, and perfecting just for you!

🎨Claim your artist profile on HUG🎨

In our latest exciting product update, artists can now claim their profiles on the HUG platform! Craft your profile, customize your icons and banner, curate your collections, and share social channels all in one place. From sharing your profile to reading reviews from collectors, HUG is a tool to make connecting with your community easier than ever.🎙️Listen in to artists share their stories on HUG Alpha Alert 🤗Discover hugworthy creators and collections on HUG✍️Apply now to get your own work discovered on HUG

🎓Join HUG Studios Class of 2023🎓

Are you a Web3 founder needing support to launch, scale, or raise funds your crypto-enabled business?

HUG Studios is the only Web3 educational program for creators, by creators. In the past year alone, we have worked with over 1,000 creators across art, music, theater, and entrepreneurship. At HUG Studios, we offer three different programs to meet you where you're at and grant access to the leading creative minds in Web3 to level up yourself for long-term success.

We currently have limited openings for two programs:
  • groupHUG, a hands-on advisory program for Web3 businesses • learn more

  • hedgeHUG, cohort-based program for pre-mint NFT projects • learn more

Apply by January 24 to join our next cohort from February 15 through May 15.

👑Creator Royalties: Artificial Intelligence👑

Gone are the days when Artificial Intelligence (AI) was simply a figment of our imagination in sci-fi movies. Today, AI is rapidly becoming a powerful tool for artists looking to push the boundaries of their practice. Whether you are an AI believer or skeptic, there is no denying that AI can be a great addition to an artist’s tool kit. AI also does not replace the taste and discernment required to produce art with a unique point of view.Curious about how you can diversify your artistic practice with AI? Read and subscribe to our latest newsletter to claim your weekly Creator Royalties and find out about ongoing artist grants & opportunities.

Creator Royalties by HUGWeekly source of education, news, and opportunities for artists and creative technologists.

Happy National HUG *AND* Squirrel Day🤗🐿️

Saturday, January 21st is National HUG Day... and, it also happens to be National Squirrel Day! Our community couldn't resist the urge to organize andy to celebrate the occasion.

Prolific illustrator Eislyn crafted digital stickers of Hugo, HUG's squirrely plush mascot, for huggers to add to their profile photos. Hugo-fied PFPs were exhibited in a Spatial digital galley, including a musical performance from singer and songwriter Emily Faye! URL or IRL, who doesn't love a party?🖼️ Get HUGs in the Skwrlverse Welcome Center and gallery on Spatial🛍️ Shop digital merch from DenGoods created for the event

Sunday Spotlight with Avril15

Every Sunday, Avril15 and HUG will be promoting up-and-coming artists on our social networks. Artists who apply for a Sunday Spotlight feature also earn the opportunity to join our discovery platform at HUG and a newsletter feature.

✨A new collection from c0c0 of Stardust Society✨

Starry-eyed illustrator c0c0, the artist and founder behind Stardust Society, just released a new 1/1 collection! In2itives is the sequel collection Intuitives, the first series she ever dropped back in 2021.

This collection will feature collaborations with fellow artists with some digital collectibles unlocking the opportunity to claim physical goods. The first three works became available today, but c0c0's giving the rest of the collection a slow drip so that everyone can sprinkle some stardust in their own universe 💫

🪐 Follow c0c0 on Twitter & check in on Opensea to stay in her orbit.

Save The Date: HUG Alpha Alert returns Monday

Have you heard of HUG Committees? Our HUG Committees are where you can turn your passion into a profession with HUG's support and infrastructure. Many of our community members have even gone on to full-time careers in Web3! Randi and Debbie will be highlighting our HUG Committee Heads, sharing how much our committees have accomplished in 2022, and how we're starting 2023 off strong by optimizing opportunity with a restructure. Listen in to learn more about how HUG can help you.