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Weekly HUG #0037: Get your art discovered on HUG

Applications are open to claim your free shareable, searchable, and customizable artist profile

At HUG, we believe curation is the future of the creator economy. That's why we've curated the most important news and updates on what we're doing, building, and perfecting just for you!

✨Apply for your free HUG Artist Profile✨

Did you know you can have a shareable, searchable, and customizable page to showcase your collections and social links? Applications to claim a HUG Artist Profile of your very own are officially open 🎉

What are the benefits of a HUG profile?

💫 Get your work discovered by current and prospective collectors

💌 Collect thoughtful and meaningful reviews and shout outs

🎨 Customize your profile to seamlessly share your collections and social

💬Make yourself open to commission requests to increase and diversify your income

By being among the first to apply to claim your page, you will also be privy to future product releases to help you connect to your audience better. Interested creators across any medium are highly encouraged to apply.

Have you heard about HUG Committees?

Want to work in web3?

Turn your passion into profession to launch your Web3 resume with HUG Committees. Unlock access to HUG Committees by owning a matching HUG pair (i.e. left and right sides of a particular HUG NFT). Minting is closed, but you can purchase HUG Passes on secondary markets.

Curious about which HUG Committee is the right fit for you?
Read up on our offerings in the graphic below and visit our Discord to explore and hear from HUG Committee members firsthand.

🎓️HUG Studios: Next Class Coming Soon🎓️

We received 70 applications for the next cohort of HUG Studios representative of over a hundred creatives ready to level up their crypto-enabled businesses🤯

We can’t wait to introduce who is in our next class with you!

What is HUG Studios?
HUG Studios is the only Web3 educational program for creators, by creators. We offer three different programs to meet you where you're at and grant access to the leading creative minds in Web3 to level up yourself for long-term success. Learn more.

👑Claim Your Weekly Creator Royalties👑

One of the most exciting things about artists adopting blockchain technology is utilizing smart contracts, which act as a tool to implement a sales agreement for an NFT. However, not all smart contracts are created equally. While shared smart contracts might are often easier to use, there are advantages to putting in the extra effort to own your own.

Curious about smart contracts and artistic autonomy?

Read and subscribe to our latest newsletter to claim your weekly Creator Royalties and find out about ongoing artist grants & opportunities.

Creator Royalties by HUGWeekly source of education, news, and opportunities for artists and creative technologists.

The markets may go up and down, but the opportunities for artists are endless.

HUG's COO & Meta Angels founder Alexandra Cavoulacos was recently interviewed alongside some of the crypto industry’s friendliest founders in Business Insider! The markets may go up and down, but the opportunities are endless for Web3 creators.

Save the Date! HUG Alpha Alert

Mother Hugger Randi Z and Debbie Soon are back on Twitter Spaces this coming Monday for a special edition of HUG Alpha Alert. Want a sneak peek at the news we can’t wait to share with you live?

💬 The Magic of owning a HUG Artist Profile

Creators can now collect commission requests through HUG

🎨 Art reveal for the free mint from Mariana Blatnik, Artist-in-Residence

Mariana Blatnik of mariinksarts, Artist-in-Residence