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  • Weekly HUGS #0034: New year, new HUGs, new newsletter!

Weekly HUGS #0034: New year, new HUGs, new newsletter!

Happy new year, hugggers!

A year ago, HUG's social curation platform was a faraway daydream. In less than a year, we've turned intent into action. Let's look at the numbers as of today for what we've built at https://thehug.xyz :

➤ Over 300 individual creators

➤ Almost 500 different collections

➤ 2,666 individual users and counting

➤ Nearly 4,000 unique reviews

➤ Countless connections made within and alongside our community

From the hustle and bustle of the bull market to the endless creativity demanded by the bear, we wouldn't be here without any of our supporters. A new year means new possibilities, but don't ever let that stop you from starting fresh any day outside of January 1st.

📢Calling All Web3 Artists

At HUG, our primary mission is to empower creators. We are conducting an artist survey to see how not just us, but the ecosystem at large, can better serve you and your needs.

It takes most users about 5 minutes to complete⤵️

🎁HUGliday Points Redemption

HUG is still giving holders art for 0Ξ! Have you claimed yours yet?

How to participate in the HUGliday Points Redemption:

🤗Become a Hugger by owning a HUG Pass or Meta Angels NFT

✍️Login to thehug.xyz to give reviews to your fav artists

🪙Earn HUG Points to exchange for artwork

FREE MINT: The Time Is Now

Every month, Meta Angels partners with Adobe to commission a piece from an underrepresented, emerging artist. The recipient of December's artist-in-residence scholarship was Danii Pollehn, a true master of vibrant visuals.

Holders of the HUG Pass and Meta Angels can claim her piece, The Time Is Now. Don't wait! Mint closes on January 7.

"The old and new will always be tied together in a powerful but also spiritual way! Sometimes moving on, growing, and developing something can be extremely painful but is always a good thing in hindsight. It's necessary to leave our comfort zone and broaden our horizons from time to time so our world can be a better place in the future."

Introducing Artist Mariana Blatnik

Mariana is a Brazilian contemporary abstract artist living in Miami. She studied Marketing and Advertising in São Paulo Brazil and got a master degree in Business Administration. After working in Brazil she moved to the US to raise her family and stopped working. She came into contact with the alcohol ink technique in 2019 and that marked a before and after in her artistic practice. After that, she could never stop.

As part of the Meta Angels x Adobe Artist-in-Residence program, owners of Meta Angels and HUG Passes will have access to a free mint of a commissioned piece at the end of the month!

Goodbye, Revue! #RIP #NGMI

Revue has hosted the Weekly HUGs newsletter since our launch in April 2022. In December, Revue announced Twitter will be terminating platform and all its services. As a result, we are migrating our newsletter to Beehiiv!

This will be the last newsletter you receive hosted by Revue. We're excited for the opportunity to reinvent what Weekly HUGs look like and how it can serve you.

Added Alpha? Expect a new initiative coming to you from the inclusiverse. Creator Royalties will be a weekly newsletter geared towards empowering and educating Web3 creators.