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Weekly HUG #0039: Unlocking Creativity through Collaboration

Commissions, CC0, competitions— blockchain artists are inviting communities to get creative with them

At HUG, we believe curation is the future of the creator economy. That's why we've curated the most important news and updates on what we're doing, building, and perfecting just for you!

😇 Happy Anniversary, Meta Angels 😇

It’s been one year since the Meta Angels mint🎊

Congratulations to both the team and the wider community for everything they’ve accomplished in the past year— from philanthropic initiatives and product partnerships such as the Adobe Artist-in-Residence Program, JIGGY Puzzles, Liquid Collection Tequila, and the Angel Labs Web3 Accelerator. This 10k generative collection was not only the first to portray gender as a spectrum but also revolutionized blockchain use cases as the first collection to feature on-chain lending built into the smart contract.

As an homage to the artist, Sarana of Aslan Ruby, you’re invited to create a Meta Angels inspired artwork for a chance to win a free Meta Angels NFT and free trial access to a HUG Committee. Visit Twitter for details.

💜Art and Emotion with Vanora Vaz💜

It’s our honor to introduce Vanora Vaz of VanGoDoodle, the Meta Angels x Adobe Artist-in-Residence for February! An architect turned full-time illustrator and musician, Vanora is a multi-hyphenate artist bringing her talents to the blockchain.

Vanora has dedicated her creative practice to highlighting and raising awareness for mental health through her magical, mood-evoking illustrations. While her works serve as an outlet for her own feelings, they invite the observer to examine their own emotions. As part of her residence, we’ve commissioned Vanora to create art to gift as a free mint to our holders. She’s taking an alternative approach to the task and inviting the community to collaborate on what to create together in the HUG Discord.

🎨 Commission Custom Art with Ntxoo 🎨

We’re collaborating with Ntxoo to bring a custom portrait of you, your loved one, or your furry friend to life!

Commissions start at 0.08Ξ
Additional 0.05Ξ per additional character
Huggers can get 0.01Ξ discount via 500 HUG Points
Turnaround time is approximately 1 week

Bold, colorful, and vibrant, Ntxoo (pronounced “un-Zong”) illustrates affirmations for a more just and inclusive world. She prides herself in creating joyful and humanizing depictions of underrepresented people and communities... and sharing her love for the non-human world. Interested in surprising someone special with a sentimental gift or feeling like you deserve to treat yourself to some art? Visit Ntxoo’s HUG profile to start the conversation with her today.

👑 Get creative with CC0 👑

This week’s edition of Creator Royalties covered CC0, how you can use it to expand your reach, and what you should consider before doing so.

Pho's The Spiral and cc0 derivatives by Yuser, CMPLX, Amirabbas Sadeghi

Short for “Creative Commons Zero”, CC0 is one of six different Creative Commons licenses. While the CC0 conversation isn't anything new, many NFT creators are getting imaginative and experimental with their approach to how intellectual property rights can impact and influence their relationships with collectors and the public at large.

HUG had the pleasure of hosting artist Amber Vittoria and Goblintown cofounder AJT to recount their first-hand experiences and share insights with CC0. Listen in to the recording.

Creator Royalties by HUGWeekly source of education, news, and opportunities for artists and creative technologists.

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Calling all crypto-creators and blockchain builders! Join HUG Studios' Director of Creator Programming Michael Littig with the Utopia Avatars marketing team to talk all about Web3 marketing, from launch strategies to customer retention.

HUG Studios has empowered more than 1000 creatives with our in-house educational programming for crypto-enabled businesses. While HUG Studios content is typically reserved for active clients and alumni, this workshop is a rare chance to get a sneak peek for free. Don’t miss out ⤵️

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Do you want to have a shareable, searchable, and customizable page to showcase your collections and social links? Join the hundreds of artists that have already claimed a free HUG profile of their own and are already receiving warm reviews from past collectors and getting discovered by new ones. Apply for your own HUG profile today!

✈️ Take some time for togetherness ✈️

This week, the HUG team took a break from their usual remote state and gathered together in New York City and the Bay Area to work and play.

The occasion served as a joyful reminder that while there’s a bright future awaiting us all in the metaverse, there’s no replacement for spending time with people you care about in the real world. That said, be sure to log off this weekend and focus on those IRL connections that make life all the sweeter.

Sending HUGs 🫂♥️