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  • Weekly HUG #0041: Create, Connect, and Collect Art with HUG

Weekly HUG #0041: Create, Connect, and Collect Art with HUG

From free mints to product updates, HUG is changing the game when it comes to art collecting.

🤗At HUG, we believe curation is the future of the creator economy. That's why we've curated the most important news and updates on what we're doing, building, and perfecting just for you!

🎊Congratulations to HUG’s Newest Artists

We’re giving a warm welcome to the newest members of the HUG family! After careful consideration, our community of dedicated curators have selected the first ten artists to join HUG’s growing database of talented creators. We are excited to showcase their artwork on HUG and look forward to how HUG’s tools will take them further on their artist journey.

Explore these creators, their collections, and connect to them on social media:

💜HUG Alpha Alert with Vanora Vaz

It’s been our honor to work alongside Vanora Vaz of VanGoDoodle, the Meta Angels x Adobe Artist-in-Residence for February. This architect-turned-artist has dedicated her creative practice to highlighting and raising awareness for mental health through her magical, mood-evoking illustrations. As part of her residence, we’ve commissioned Vanora to gift her art to our holders. She took it to the next level and invited our community to join her as digital architects to help design her illustration.

We’ll be revealing the art on HUG Alpha Alert spaces this coming Monday, with details on how to claim her work for free ✨ 

Is Tezos the most art-friendly blockchain?

This week's edition of Creator Royalties was about the Tezos art community and ecosystem and details how you can get started with creating and collecting on Tezos. While Ethereum has no doubt been the most popular blockchain for creating, buying, and selling NFTs, a vibrant community of artists and collectors has been growing and flourishing on Tezos.

Learn more, catch up with Tezos, and subscribe to learn more⤵️

Creator Royalties by HUGWeekly source of education, news, and opportunities for artists and creative technologists.

✈️Travel the world with Globe Thrivers

HUG Studios Alumni Globe Thrivers are inviting you to join the first social travel club of its kind.

Globe Thrivers is for travelers, locals, creators, and industry experts from different backgrounds and experiences looking to connect with each other while researching, planning, and booking their trips. This world-traveling team has already assembled 15 international ambassadors and is leveraging blockchain technology to help make your next trip abroad more memorable than ever.

⚡️Minting is Live for Teenage Innovators

Founded by 15-year-old digital artist Mark, Teenage Innovators is a collection of 4444 teenagers against the world. Inspired by his own experience of starting his first business at age 13, Mark hopes this global community can connect young innovators with international entrepreneurs to empower the next generation with the confidence and skills they need to take over the business world.

Minting is live for this limited collection, granting you access to regular art drops, IP rights, and influencing the professional development of tomorrow’s leaders.

🎥Lights, Camera, Action in NYC

Mother HUGGER Randi Z got together with some of the HUG team in New York City to film up-and-coming educational content for HUG! Best of all? Randi had the pleasure of interviewing some of our favorite NFT creators in the space:

Self-taught photographer and graphic designer Elise Swopes is an advocate for technology's ability to make art more accessible for the creative in all of us. She is the founder of swopes.gallery, women of color collective Sunrise Art Club, and the first NFT marketplace for incarcerated artists, Night on the Yard.

Adamtastic is an award-winning Creative Director with a passion for telling stories. Adam’s goal is to spread joy & positivity while also provoking thought. His pieces are character-driven, vibrant & whimsical inviting viewers to connect with their inner-child through collections such as Fluffy Goodness and Forever Frens.

Mumbot is a visual storyteller whose art exists at the intersection of creepy and cute. Her multimedia practice ranges from painting to digital illustration and physical merchandise such as vinyl and plush toys. Memorable characters such as Aughostus the ghost and Shroomie the mushroom make regular appearances to help viewers journey further into Mumbot World.

We can’t wait to share their stories, insights, and advice for artists seeking to influence and impact those around us positively.

🔹We’ll always have NFT Paris

HUG Cofounder & Chief Growth Officer Debbie was feeling the FOMO from not being at NFT Paris and decided to mint her first digital collage - Paris in BLeU, just for the joy of creating. It remixes her original photo "Montparnasse, June 2017", with @0xTjo's BLeU, a cc0 piece 🌕 🌹

Paris in BLeU by Debbie Soon

Claim this timed open edition while you can ⤵️