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  • WEEKLY HUG #0043: Your digital art could be in a real-life gallery

WEEKLY HUG #0043: Your digital art could be in a real-life gallery

Get your work showcased IRL in NYC!

🤗 At HUG, we believe curation is the future of the creator economy. That's why we've curated the most important news and updates on what we're doing, building, and perfecting just for you!

Curation at HUG is going IRL 🖼️✨

We are excited to announce HUG’s ongoing exhibition with the 0x.17 Gallery!

Together, we will introduce a diverse collection of curated digital art to the hundreds of people who gather at The Seaport in NYC’s historic waterfront district every day. Previous exhibitions have included generative art from collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Moonbirds, and Doodles.

Curious about how to get curated?

  • Apply for a free Artist Profile at HUG and indicate your interest to have your artwork displayed at the bottom of the form. Your application will then be reviewed by our curatorial council.

  • Already have a HUG profile? Good news! All pre-existing HUG profiles are automatically considered for curation.

  •  Want priority review? Share the artwork you wish to have displayed on Twitter and tag us @thehugxyz with #HUGIRL

This is just the beginning! We look forward to expanding our commitment to discovery for artists into physical spaces, starting in New York City and beyond.

Artists take center stage on HUG’s new home page

Discovering new creators is even easier than ever with HUG’s dynamic new home page, which features customized experiences for collectors and artists alike.

Explore hugworthy spotlights, from artists curated for Women’s History Month or selected by partner communities like our friends at Async. Browse artist mediums such as illustration, animation, poetry, and more. Holders can read & leave thoughtful reviews while getting competitive by earning points with our dynamic reviewer leaderboard.

Read more in the in-depth thread from HUG’s Head Curator, Lorr, or find out firsthand by visiting HUG now.

Artist Education & HUG’s First Webinar

At HUG, we believe that accessible education is vital to cultivate a more diverse and inclusive future for Web3, ensuring that all creators have access to the tools and resources they need.

This past Thursday, we had the pleasure of collaborating with our favorite creators to host the first of many free webinars targeted toward artist education! Almost a hundred independent creators joined us to learn more about marketing firsthand from Web3’s leading creatives.

Feeling the FOMO?
If you missed out, you can still catch up. Check out our detailed written recap here.

Alternatively, use passcode I=eJn#A8 to directly access the live recording below ⤵️

How to find your 100 True Fans

As an artist, building a devoted fan base can be a key factor in your success. But it's not just about having the largest number of social media followers or likes.

Instead, how can you find your thousand true fans — those who love your work, are willing to support you, and will spread the word about your creations? Learn more about building your personal brand, connecting with collectors, and explore our catalog of free resources for Web3 creatives in Creator Royalties.

Creator Royalties by HUGWeekly source of education, news, and opportunities for artists and creative technologists.

Randi’s Got the Mic 🎤

Did you know that women make up 51% of the overall workforce in the United States? However, that's not the case in the tech industry!

Women only account for about 28% of the current workforce in tech. 
Why is it that a sector defined by innovation and invention lags behind when it comes to closing the gender gap? HUG’s founder & CEO, Randi Zuckerberg, spent most of International Women’s Day in over 20 (!!!) media interviews asking this question. She shared her story of being the only woman in the room early in her career and spreading her mission to build a more diverse and equitable workforce, which is reflected both in HUG’s internal team and external commitments.

After spending her day speaking with journalists on small screens, our friends at Sirius XM Business revealed a very special big screen— Randi’s name in lights in NYC’s Times Square!

Randi Zuckerberg in front of Randi Zuckerberg in Times Square, NYC

Debbie Soon published in Hypemoon

At HUG, we’re building the Inclusiverse. The "inclusiverse" is how we describe the world of HUG—an uplifting, inclusive universe where everyone is welcomed with open arms. In action, this means acting and speaking with the intention to ensure as many feel included as possible.

HUG’s cofounder & Chief Growth Officer, Debbie Soon, was recently published in Hypemoon sharing the importance of inclusive language, from the importance to refrain from using gendered language (bro, dude, ser) to proactively inviting women to participate and engage in conversations.


Debbie will also be speaking at this year’s Outer Edge LA (formerly NFT LA), and HUG is excited to join this year as a community partner.

Outer Edge is an experiential celebration of all things at the edge of Web3. This year, Outer Edge LA will capture the spirit of the community and the meaningful work each individual contributes to the greater Web3 whole — by inviting you to immerse yourself in the experience and build and shape it.

To save on tickets, use HUG10. The event runs from March 20-23, 2023.

Power of Women Kicks Off Partnership with Manchester City Football Club

Artist Leah Sams, Founder of Power of Women

As part of Manchester City Football Club’s wider activities celebrating International Women’s Day 2023, they are releasing a collaborative digital art drop, created by Power Of Women, comprised of five pieces: I Am Powerful, I Am Proud, I Am Fearless, I Am Courage, I Am Resilient. Available exclusively on Opensea, portion of all proceeds will go towards Manchester City F.C’s official charity: City In The Community: City Girls Program.

The collection of beautifully bold digital artworks celebrates the passion and diversity of women in football today, inspiring, and empowering future generations.

An alumni of HUG Studios, Power Of Women is an NFT movement of bold, diverse, empowering digital artworks by the award-winning illustrator, Leah Ibrahim Sams. Leah’s work celebrates empowered women from around the world through vibrant colors, striking compositions, and compelling messages. Her aim is not only to use art to define what it means to be a woman today, but to empower, inspire and enable future generations of women, girls, and non-binary people around the world. 

Dance at the International Dollhouse

Metaverse Dreamgirl Tangpoko is celebrating the women artists of Web3 all month long at the International Dollhouse, a virtual immersive activation featuring digital DJs and dancing. This Sunday’s event will feature the works of HUG-curated artist, Wildy Martinez.

Wildy Martinez is the Founder and Artist behind Wildflower Fields, a creative movement to celebrate the diversity in women through art, fashion, and storytelling.