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  • Weekly HUG #0048: HUG gets possessed by the independent spirits of Ghost Club 👻

Weekly HUG #0048: HUG gets possessed by the independent spirits of Ghost Club 👻

From podcasts to livestreams to free mints—the best part of the decentralization is having art come at you from every angle.

🤗 At HUG, we believe curation is the future of the creator economy. That's why we've curated the most important news and updates on what we're doing, building, and perfecting just for you!

Crypto Cafe sets up shop in HUG’s inclusiverse

HUG’s founders, Randi Zuckerberg & Debbie Soon

HUG’s CEO & founder, Randi Zuckerberg, is the host of Crypto Cafe, a weekly Web3 podcast for newcomers and experts alike. On the heels of last week’s exciting $5M seed round announcement, she welcomed a very special guest to this week’s episode: HUG Co-Founder, Debbie Soon!

In their interview, Debbie gives listeners a peek into her life as an entrepreneur before blockchain. Prior to the two of us meeting on Discord about a year ago, she launched several multi-million dollar businesses, managed over $1B in global consumer sector investments, and founded Southeast Asia's first boutique indoor cycling studio. Now, we're working together to democratize access & discovery to the arts in Web3.

Have you met jprittee, our April Artist-in-Residence?

Every month, Meta Angels partners with Adobe to commission a piece from an underrepresented, emerging artist. The recipient of April’s scholarship is prolific artist and beloved HUG community member, jprittee aka Jack.

Jack is a designer & 3D illustrator that is on a mission to spread joy and make Web3 a more inclusive place. Jack's various collections are designed to support & celebrate LGBTQIA+, BIPOC & women creators in Web3 by spotlighting, curating, and reinvesting profits directly into the works of diverse artists throughout our community.

As part of his residence, we have commissioned Jack to create a piece to gift as a free mint to our holders. We’ll be revealing the artwork for his free mint on HUG’s Alpha Alert this coming Monday on Twitter spaces.

GM: Ghost Morning 👻

Ghost Club’s HUG Artist Badge

HUG has teamed up with the imaginative and chaotic artists of Ghost Club, a creative collective from our creepy and cute pal, Mumbot! These independent spirits have possessed the HUG marketplace and dozens are discoverable through their custom Ghost Club badges.

To celebrate our union, Ghost Club took over HUG’s Discord with artists from both communities sharing live streams as they produced drew, painted, and digitally illustrated their own works.

Can you spy the easter egg that Nate Bear aka BearBrains planted for HUG in this piece?

Artwork by illustrator & animator, Bear Brains

More about Ghost Club’s founder, MUMBOT

Mumbot alongside some of her iconic and original characters

MUMBOT is an artist, storyteller, world-builder, toy designer & creator of MUMBOT WORLD brand… and a MOM! She has been operating in Web3 since early 2021 through making NFTs, onboarding, building, and perpetually coming up with new ways to create cool stuff & innovate.

Visualize your path through life with Owntrail

HUG Studios invited Rebekah Bastian, to share an interactive workshop to build a digital representation of our personal and professional growth. ​Rebekah is the founder of OwnTrail, which provides tools and community to share your journey as a visual trail and work towards your next milestone with confidence, clarity, and connection.

Rebekah’s Owntrail

Whether you’re seeking a new career or turning inward for personal reflection, chances are that you are more experienced and prepared than may realize. Owntrail helps illuminate that there is no ‘right’ path in life, just yours. Aren’t you curious about what the social timeline of your life looks like?

An Introduction to Generative Art

Notable generative art NFT collections from Tyler Hobbs to Ezra Miller

Recent technological advancements have made generative art more accessible than ever. From NFT marketplaces and minting platforms like Art Blocks to AI models like DALL-E and Midjourney, more and more people have been able to experiment with the art of creative coding of late.

But, what exactly is generative art? In the latest edition of Creator Royalties, we explore the exciting world of generative art in Web3 and provide you with actionable tools to explore this innovative field.

Creator Royalties by HUGWeekly source of education, news, and opportunities for artists and creative technologists.

A Free Slice of Pi

The PiRIS Project is a generative art experiment by James Richard Fry, fully on-chain on Ethereum, based on the infinite digits of Pi π! He’s generously offered 50 free allowlist spots to HUG’s community.

One of the possible generative outputs of the PiRis Project

Based on the infinite digits of Pi, there are 10s of millions of potential outputs, all visual representations of Pi. Each NFT in the collection is generated fully on chain when a collector mints, with dozens of various inputs that affect the randomization of the artwork.

Public Mint Price: .00314E, Max 10/Wallet
Allow List Price: FREE

HUG Artists on display at Lion’s Milk

Did you know that HUG-curated artists are now on display at Lion’s Milk, the world’s first NFT coffee shop!

If you’re visiting New York, be sure to visit Williamsburg and pop in for a pick-me-up from Lion’s Milk while admiring these hug-worthy artists! Located in the heart of Williamsburg, Lion's Milk is the cafe of choice to Brooklyn's local Web3 community

🦁ALPHA: Ownership of a Caffeinated Lions - the Lion’s Milk membership NFT - comes with many benefits, such as having your favorite NFT or PFP on display in the shop.

Get creative with HUG’s new banner maker

We wanted to make it easier for everyone to showcase and share their favorite art, artists, or even their own work with their friends & followers on Twitter. Our new banner maker does just that! Simply upload your favorite works and save to share.