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Weekly HUG #0049: April Showers Bring May Flowers

In the midst of a down market, artist jprittee shares what lessons we can learn from flowers

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Every month, Meta Angels partners with Adobe to commission a piece from an underrepresented, emerging artist. The recipient of April’s Artist-in-Residence scholarship is jprittee aka Jack! Jack is a designer & 3D illustrator that is on a mission to spread joy and make Web3 a more inclusive place.

We are thrilled to finally share the artwork he created both as a gift to our community and as a tribute to the first NFT he minted one year ago, Perennial Pals.

"Perennials are the most enduring and persistent of flowers, blooming year after year. This is a fitting metaphor for all of the artists that have continued to create, grow, and thrive through the bear markets, crypto winters, and numerous other hurdles presented to us on a daily basis. As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers – and while this rainstorm may seem never-ending at times, as long as we nurture and support each other this garden of ours will continue to flourish."

jprittee, Artist-in-Residence

Innovation Laboratory starts playing with fire 🔥

More than 40 independent creators are one week in and halfway through the debut of Innovation Laboratory, HUG Studios’ 2-week boot camp.

Our first course covers NFT burning mechanics while providing real-time strategic, technical, and marketing guidance alongside complimentary minting support from our friends at Heymint. Things are just heating up, and we can’t wait to see what all our participating artists will share come the end of the week.

Ready to elevate your entrepreneurship?

​How can you effectively grow your business in 2023 using innovative creator tools?

​Join HUG Studios, Virtualness Founder Kirthiga Reddy, and social media influencer Cassandra Bankson as they discuss how to build a closer relationship with your followers and superfans.

​Whether it’s selling digital goods paired with physical products, getting to know your thousand true fans, or the future of earning meaningful income through digital goods - you’ll walk away with actionable strategies to begin interacting with the latest innovative tools to further engage with your community.

Bonus? ​Participants in this webinar will gain special access to win 50 VIP slots to be the first users on the Virtualness platform.

Finetuning Your First & Lasting Impressions

An artist bio is one of, if not the most effective marketing tool you have at your disposal. While it is true that in Web3, we get the opportunity to showcase more organic or varied versions of ourselves, having a well-written artist bio helps pitch yourself effectively to collectors, gallerists, brand partners, and more.

The opening paragraph of Camille Chiang’s artist bio

Read this week’s edition and subscribe to Creator Royalties, as we break down the key ingredients you’ll need in an ideal artist bio, citing examples from some of our favorite creators.

Creator Royalties by HUGWeekly source of education, news, and opportunities for artists and creative technologists.

HUG-curated artists are headed to Bali

We are thrilled to announce the winning artists for our next gallery exhibition with NFT Bali at Superlative Secret Society Gallery in partnership with The Collective Solution. While every artist who entered was as talented as the next, the following 10 artists were the ones curated by HUG’s community. Congratulations!

NFT Bali is a unique environment built by The Collective that brings together the brilliant minds in Web3 from around the world to share, innovate, & build meaningful relationships all while experiencing the magic of Bali.

Commission custom art with HUG ✨

Are you a collector that needs help bringing an idea to life?
Are you a creator looking to diversify your offerings?

HUG artist profiles connect collectors to creators open for commissions and allows them to submit their requests directly! HUG’s co-founder Debbie Soon recently welcomed this bad bunny to her wallet from artist Cherika 🐰

Whether you want a bad bunny of your own or you’re looking for something entirely different but as unique as you are, HUG is here to help. Browse diverse art from diverse creators and click through to their profiles to start the conversation today.