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  • Weekly HUG #0052: Earn Rewards & Get Art In Return!

Weekly HUG #0052: Earn Rewards & Get Art In Return!

Tell your friends— HUG Artist Invites have arrived 💌

Introducing HUG Artist Invites

Over 1000 creators have Artist Profiles on HUG, where they can connect to collectors like never before, and it’s all because of art lovers like you working with us. That’s why we want to empower and reward you with Artist Invites.

💌 Invite Artists
💎 Earn Rewards
🖼️ Redeem For Art
💸 No ETH Required!

You can now earn up to 100 HUG Points for inviting artists to join our platform! These HUG Points can then be exchanged for art starting as soon as the end of this month. To start generating custom links to and get a headstart on art collecting, visit HUG’s website today:

Become a HUG-Curated Artist

HUG is going to Europe! We are partnering with our friends at Artcrush Gallery to curate 10 artists for an upcoming exhibition in Ghent, Belgium from June 1 to June 8.

Don’t wait, don’t hesitate— Submissions are only open through Sunday, May 21 at 9 PM PT / Midnight ET. Here’s how to get your art on display:

  1. Apply for a free HUG Artist Profile (if you don’t have one already)

  2. Complete a submission form to share your artwork and relevant details

  3. Share your art on socials with #HUGIRL

Art is better with FRENS

Gabe Weis is a mixed-media and NFT artist widely known for his cubism-inspired portraits and Stoics NFT, with his works being exhibited from Venice to Asia and everywhere in between.

As a dear friend to our HUG and leader in the digital arts, he’s invited his frens to join us in their artist journey! You can find Gabe Weis & Frens on HUG’s homepage and through their community badge. Follow HUG on Twitter to get to know a new fren every day.

Get To Know Artist-in-Residence Nhefertiti

Every month, Meta Angels partners with Adobe to commission a piece from an underrepresented, emerging artist. The recipient of May’s Artist-in-Residence scholarship was the ever-dreamy Nhefertiti.

She’s been hard at work creating a perfect piece of art to gift to HUG’s community, and the sneak peeks have us more excited than ever. We can’t wait to show you but until then? Don’t wait to find out more about this amazing illustrator. Explore her collections and leave a thoughtful review for Nhefertiti today.

Let’s Get Phygital

This week’s Creator Royalties is about phygital NFTs and how they can deepen and diversify an artist’s relationship with their collectors… but what does “phygital” actually mean?

In the context of blockchain, phygital is used to refer to a non-fungible token that goes beyond a digital experience and integrates physical components, most often a tangible item associated with said NFT.

Web3 creators like RTFKT and Pudgy Penguins are leading the charge to adoption, and major brands like Nike and Amazon are paying attention and following suit. Read and subscribe to find out how to get phygital with your art.

Creator Royalties by HUGWeekly source of education, news, and opportunities for artists and creative technologists.

Phygital Fashion with Mirrorwerx

Our friends at Mirrorwerxare are redefining what it means to be luxury fashion brand by harnessing the power of blockchain technology to reinvent the way we design, produce, and sell clothes. Their mission is to disrupt a broken industry by demonstrating radically transparent and sustainable business practices while transforming the role of customers from passive consumer to informed and invested collaborative co-creators.

Mirrorwerx genesis phygital release, Thirty 104, is made from 100% silk crepe de chine and features artist Daniel Calderon's generative artwork Marfa Yucca #258. An NFC chip-enhanced button sewn onto the pocket verifies authenticity, proof of ownership, and unlocks exclusive rewards for collectors.

Share your art. Share your story.

HUG’s Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer, Debbie Soon, announced that she will be writing a book with Wiley Global, the same publisher behind Amanda Cassatt’s Web3 Marketing.

Titled “Digital Mavericks”, Debbie’s book will be about how NFTs and blockchain technology are challenging the ways we channel our creativity, especially in the context of our careers.

Importantly, it is filled with your stories — ones of personal triumphs and challenges, as each of you has gone on to embark on your very own life-changing career journey in NFTs. If you have a story to tell, Debbie wants to help you tell it. Sign up for updates to express your interest in collaborating.

Celebrating Asian Creators Everyday

In honor of May being National Asian American Pacific Islander Month, HUG set the stage on spaces to some of our favorite Asian Creators:

🔹 Popil - Digital illustrator and founder of Magic Forest No Sleep
🔹 Dan Woo - Landscape & Urban Photographer
🔹 Shreya Bhan - Artist & Illustrator of Maximalist Fashion

These artists shared not just insights into their creative practices, and shared their experiences on how their Asian identities have informed their journeys. You can listen to the recording here.

In a turn of surprise and delight, experimental performance artist, Foodmasku, who is also Asian-American, bought a piece of art from every creator featured on the spaces. Whether it’s through buying art or sharing a story, HUG is lucky to be home to so many enthusiastic art lovers.

Put the FUN in non-fungible

HUG’s Merch Shop is open! In March, HUG Creator Guild member, Viki Kosa, led a community fundraising initiative for Women’s History Month. Huggers collaborated to create, iterate, and choose their favorite designs to make it into the shop.

All proceeds from sales will be donated to Girls Who Code to support the next generation of women in tech. Visit the shop, place your orders, and tell a friend to help us drive maximum impact (and to look good while doing it, too).

Special thanks to Viki Kosa, Maria Faith Garcia, RofiB, and Niki Kunos for their time and commitment to this cause.