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  • Weekly HUG #0054: Unleash the power of dynamic NFTs with HUG & Transient Labs

Weekly HUG #0054: Unleash the power of dynamic NFTs with HUG & Transient Labs

A free course to launch dynamic artwork, win cash prizes, and get curated into an NYC gallery

🤗 At HUG, we believe curation is the future of the creator economy. That's why we've curated the most important news and updates on what we're doing, building, and perfecting just for you!

Read on for details on our guided workshop with Transient Labs to mint dynamic artwork, our new artist updates feature on HUG, and how you can get a $500 USDC grant for your artwork.

Discover the art of dynamic NFTs with HUG & Transient Labs

HUG is teaming up with Transient Labs to empower artists ready to inspire the world through dynamic and interactive artwork. Get creative and discover the power of dynamic NFTs while receiving real-time strategic, marketing, and technical guidance from two leading teams in Web3.

  • Incorporate Web3’s most comprehensive dynamic NFT minting tools with no code required.

  • Create your own smart contract and launch through The Lab by Transient Labs.

  • Get discovered and featured on HUG to an audience of more than 2M.

  • Earn the opportunity to win cash prizes and get your work displayed IRL at the Canvas 3.0 Gallery, presented by Transient Labs and SuperRare in the Oculus Center in NYC

*Program participation is free, but a refundable deposit is charged upfront to foster accountability. Use code HUGGERS for 50% of the deposit.

Participants earn the chance to get curated in the Superrare x Transient Labs Gallery at the Oculus in New York City

About Transient Labs:

Transient Labs is the premier innovation platform for web3 creators, projects, and ecosystems around the world. Our mission is to unlock the potential of blockchain and smart contract technology and redefine what ownership means now and in the future.

What is the Lab by Transient Labs?

Members of the Innovation Laboratory will get early access to The Lab, a code-less creator toolkit that puts cutting-edge technology in the hands of creators. Own your own contracts, analyze and understand market conditions, know and manage your collector base, and grow and manage your community.

Never Miss Out On An Art Drop Again

Tired of getting lost in the sauce of social media? Artists can now share Artist Updates on HUG Artists & collectors deserve to connect directly, without an algorithm deciding what's important for them. Users can now follow artists on HUG to receive a notification and an email whenever they post an update.

Once an artist has 10 followers on HUG, they can share four different kinds of updates:

✧ Announcements

✧ Item for Sale (Digital or Physical)

✧ Giveaways

✧ Events

We've partnered with our friends at Manifold to detect when HUG Artists release new drops on their platform, automatically syndicating to their Artist Updates and informing their followers instantly!

Follow HUG3PO on Twitter

Bring HUG Artist Updates directly update to your Twitter feed with HUG3PO, our bot specifically programmed to free you from FOMO. HUG3PO automatically tweets and shares the latest and greatest updates on new art drops, giveaways, and more from HUG Artists.

Introducing the HUG Visionary Initiative

Like the Meta Angels x Adobe Artist-in-Residence Program before it, our new HUG Visionary Initiative will provide financial compensation and support to artists. Recipients will benefit from amplification and promotion to HUG’s audience of 2M+ while also allowing our holders to accessibly expand their art collections.

Each month, HUG will select & elevate 2 artists each month as a Visionary. Each Visionary will receive $500 USD for their art to be minted as timed editions which HUG’s community can mint with HUG Points over 2 weeks. Upon selection, the exact number of editions will be determined per individual artist at their discretion.

To be considered, complete an application and submit unminted artwork you’d like to be collected by HUG’s community.

Never Let Go by Aslan Ruby, HUG’s First Visionary Artist

Say Hello to HUG’s First Visionary

We are thrilled to announce Sarana of Aslan Ruby, the artist behind the Meta Angels, as our debut Visionary artist!

Her piece, “Never Let Go”, will be available to our holders to claim with HUG Points starting June 19.

Attention All Artists & Art Lovers in Miami

HUG is partnering with our friends at HODLER Gallery to host a happy hour and artist showcase featuring the work of Miami-based artists.

About HODLER Gallery:
Based in Miami's iconic and art-saturated Wynwood neighborhood, HODLER Gallery is the next Web3 generation networking gallery with a mission to onboard and embrace consumers, builders, and investors.

Be Pitch Perfect with Demo Day

​Did you know HUG Studios has helped our clients raise over $6M in venture capital? Whether you're an artist or founder, pitching yourself effectively to collectors, brands, or investors is an essential skill. We've got you covered with tips and insights that will help you shine.

Join us for Demo Day to hear from our latest entrepreneurs on how they’re reimagining their businesses with blockchain. Think of it like a Web3 version of Shark Tank!